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Prestonwood Forest Utility District

The Prestonwood Forest Utility District has provided water and wastewater services to the Prestonwood Forest Subdivision and adjacent properties within the District for over 25 years. The District has grown from a small area to a large independent entity providing service to the Prestonwood Forest Subdivision, Schroeder Oaks subdivision, town homes, one elementary school, two churches, four apartment complexes, three hotels and other commercial establishments. While new home construction in the subdivision is complete, the area is bustling with development activity fueled by the desirable location and amenities.

Utility District Goals:
  • To provide plentiful clean and pure water that exceeds State and Federal standards
  • To provide all services in a fiduciary and cost effective manner
  • To maintain a tax rate that is as low or lower than the surrounding area and ensure the financial stability of the District and its property owners.

The Prestonwood Forest Utility District is here to provide clear, abundant water when you want it; at the turn of a tap – and with no worries about your water service.

Please visit the Utility District’s website for information about water services, for online bill payment, to sign up with the Customer Notification System and more. The District’s Board of Directors wants to hear from you with concerns and kudos - and anticipates that this will be a productive source of two-way communication.

The Utility District’s Board of Directors is elected by you and works for you, meeting twice monthly, at the Prestonwood Forest Clubhouse, to make the decisions, pay the bills and other routine tasks required to provide services to a large group of diverse customers. Please consult the Prestonwood Forest Clubhouse Calendar for meeting dates and times.


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