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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS OF THE 2011 NITE OF LITES CELEBRATION! And to those that were considered for an award! Your hard work and efforts were very evident and are appreciated by all the visitors to our wonderful neighborhood during the holiday season.

So many residents stepped up their decorating this year. In all categories, there was no unanimous winner. This year’s winners were:

  Best Block - 8100 Schaffer Lane    
  Runner-up Block - 8200 Thetford Lane    
  Best Cul de Sac - 8100 Renmark Lane    
  Best All Round - 8123 Brinkworth Lane    
  Best House - 7718 Roebourne Lane    
  Best Door - 7707 Bideford Lane    
  Best Mailbox - 8115 Schaffer Lane    
  Best Lamp Post - 8103 Wycomb Drive    

Top contenders in each category were:

  Best Block          
  8100 Schaffer   8100 Renmark   8200 Thetford Lane  
  8200 Brinkworth   8200 Bairnsdale   8100 Roebourne  
  8100 Bideford   8200 Glencliffe      
  Best All Round          
  8215 Middlebury   8123 Brinkworth   8207 Thetford  
  8227 Glencliffe   13907 Charlynn Oaks   8106 Schaffer  
  7506 Roebourne   8107 Renmark   8205 Renmark  
  8203 Dorrcrest   8106 Bairnsdale   8227 Fernbrook  
  8230 Fernbrook   8107 Bideford   8118 Dorrcrest  
  8215 Bairnsdale          
  Best House          
  8123 Brinkworth   7718 Roebourne   8203 Dorrcrest  
  8227 Thetford   8206 Wimbledon   8215 Birchglen  
  7506 Roebourne   8227 Glencliffe   8106 Schaffer  
  8107 Renmark   13907 Charlynn Oaks   8230 Fernbrook  
  8203 Wimbledon          
  Best Mailbox          
  8115 Schaffer   8207 Thetford   8110 Wimbledon  
  8214 Birchglen   8106 Schaffer   8208 Wimbledon  
  7606 Fernbrook   8207 Birchglen      
  Best Door          
  8118 Dorrcrest   7707 Bideford   8130 Bairnsdale  
  8117 Renmark   8215 Brinkworth   8215 Bairnsdale  
  14134 Charlynn Oaks   8106 Bairnsdale      
  Best Lamp Post          
  8103 Wycomb   8215 Middleberry   8127 Wycomb  
  8210 Renmark   8207 Thetford   7718 Wycomb  
  8230 Camborne   8119 Roebourne      
  Best Cul-de-Sac (this year’s new category!)      
  8100 Renmark   8100 Schaffer   8100 Bairnsdale  
  8200 Fernbrook   8200 Middlebury      

There were so many wonderful displays this year including a “live” Santa Claus on Brinkworth Lane that children could sit on his lap! Kudos! to all residents that decorated this year!

The Nite of Lites event would not be possible without judges. This year, we had a wonderful group of non-resident volunteers that spent their Saturday evening judging our contest. A HUGE “thank you” to:

  Jerry & Yvonne Clark   Bruce & Michele Houtchens  
  Paul & Carol Crawford   Dr. Brendan Kennedy  
  Newton & Martha Houston   Fran Pierce  
      Kyle & Carla Villyard  

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to long-time resident, Barbara Vann, for driving some of the judges around the neighborhood. We couldn’t have done it without her either!

The Committee also needs to thank the residents of 8100 Wycomb Lane (2010 Best Block winners) for securing some of the judges and then hosting the judges’ dinner. The food, desserts and ambiance were fabulous! Thank you to the Howards for letting us invade their beautiful home and to Polly Braun for coordinating the evening.

This year’s Nite of Lites winners received some awesome and generous awards. “Thank you very much!” to all of our 2011 Nite of Lites Sponsors. To properly recognize and thank these sponsors, their representative and donation have been listed in a separate area. Please stop by these establishments to say hello to the owner and/or manager and don’t forget to mention that their generosity to our wonderful event is truly appreciated.

Thank you again to all the participants in this year’s Nite of Lites celebration and congratulations to the 2011 winners. Be watching the PWF Press and on PrestonwoodForestonline.com for upcoming announcements concerning the 2012 Nite of Lites event. If you have any suggestions, ideas, compliments or complaints, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Nite of Lites Committee
Russell and Tina May
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