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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS OF THE 2012 NITE OF LITES CELEBRATION! Your hard work and efforts were very evident and are appreciated by all the visitors to our wonderful neighborhood during the holiday season.

This year’s winners are:


Best Block - 8100 Renmark (Carousel Street)

Runner-up Block - 8100 Wycomb

Best Cul de Sac - 8200 Fernbrook

Best All Round - 13911 Charlynn Oaks

Best House - 14510 Ravenhurst

Best Door - 7626 Roebourne

Best Mailbox - 8119 Roebourne

Best Lamp Post - 8115 Schaffer


Top contenders in each category were:

Best Block

8100 Bideford 8100 Schaffer

8100 Wycomb 8200 Middlebury

Best All Round

8106 Devonwood 8215 Bairnsdale 8230 Fernbrook

8223 Thetford 8226 Thetford 8202 Fernbrook
8106 Schaffer 8218 Fernbrook 14510 Ravenhurst

Best House

8110 Wimbledon 8219 Fernbrook 8214 Renmark

14003 Cleobrook 7402 Renmark 8221 Birchglen

8215 Middlebury 8227 Glencliffe 8214 Birchglen

8223 Glencliffe 8230 Middlebury 8203 Dorrcrest

8110 Renmark 8106 Schaffer 8215 Bairnsdale

8111 Renmark 8107 Devonwood 8123 Devonwood

8106 Devonwood


Best Mailbox

8106 Schaffer 8103 Bideford 8214 Birchglen

8106 Dorrcrest 8219 Fernbrook 8126 Wycomb

7626 Roebourne 8204 Thetford 8214 Middlebury

14031 Cleobrook 7718 Bideford 7703 Bideford


Best Door

8222 Schaffer 8202 Thetford 8127 Bairnsdale

8206 Schaffer 8215 Bairnsdale 8123 Devonwood

8215 Birchglen 8122 Fernbrook 7607 Roebourne

7510 Bairnsdale 8130 Bairnsdale 8123 Renmark

8127 Brinkworth 8111 Roebourne 7703 Bideford


Best Lamp Post

8223 Coolshire 8110 Wimbledon 8223 Thetford

8118 Dorrcrest 8207 Coolshire 8118 Brinkworth

8115 Schaffer 8202 Thetford 8218 Birchglen

8215 Thetford 8219 Coolshire 8202 Fernbrook

Best Cul-de-Sac

8100 Roebourne 8100 Wycomb 8100 Bairnsdale

8200 Middlebury


There were so many wonderful displays this year that the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners.

Honorary Mention to:          8111 Brinkworth – for your live Santa

                                              8227 Birchglen – for your awesome tree wrapping

                                              8126 Devonwood – for your gigantic deer

The Nite of Lites event would not be possible without judges. This year, we had a wonderful group of volunteers that spent their Saturday evening judging our contest. A HUGE “thank you” to:


Deborah Sulak, Boulevard Realty                                   Diana Lizmi, Esq.

Loryn Giacona, Cy-Ranch High School                          William Carlson, Esq.

            Kurt and Kerry Zech                                                          Andrea Stewart

Ken Reading, 2012 Best House Winner                        Kathleen Allen

Kevin Farell, FMC Technologies                                     Christine Farell


            Dandi Daniels, Peel Palace


We couldn’t have done it without you!


The Committee also needs to thank the residents of 8100 Fernbrook (2012 Best Block winners) for hosting the judges’ dinner.  The food and your hospitality was second to none!

This year’s Nite of Lites winners received some awesome and generous awards.  “Thank you very much!” to all of our 2013 Nite of Lites Sponsors.  To properly recognize and thank these sponsors, their representative and donation have been listed in a separate area.  Please stop by these establishments to say hello to the owner and/or manager and mention that their generosity to our event is truly appreciated.

Thank you again to all the participants in this year’s Nite of Lites celebration and congratulations to the 2013 winners.  We wish you all a safe and wondrous holiday season!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Nite of Lites Committee

Russell and Tina May

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