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At Press time, the following members in good standing of the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association have declared their candidacy. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting on Thursday, May 7, 2015. Autobiographical sketches, as submitted by the candidates, are presented in alphabetical order. This year there are four positions available for election to three year terms.

Election to the Board of Directors shall be by secret written ballot. We look forward to seeing all members of the Association at the annual meeting. If unable to attend, please give your proxy to a Board member, candidate, or friend/neighbor who is planning to attend the meeting. Persons receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected.

I am a current Board Member and have been serving the community as such for the past 7 years. One of my duties on the Board has been liaison with the Constable Patrol officers, as I feel the community's safety and security should always be a top priority. Our Boards, past and present, have made great strides in maintaining a beautiful and safe place for all of us to call home and I would love the opportunity to continue serving to meet and achieve our annual goals.

My name is Michael Droll, I have been a resident of Prestonwood Forest for 4 years. I am a full time Realtor and truly believe that the best way to be part of a community is to serve that community. We purchased inside Prestonwood Forest because of all the great things this community has to offer and does for its residents. I think that it would be good for me to contribute back to all that you have offered, and to improve on what has been put in place already. As a Realtor I know and understand the importance of maintaining and improving homes values and how the neighborhood can influence marketability of its properties. Please consider me for a position on this board so that we can maintain and improve on our community.

My name is Jesse Green. I am from a small town in Kentucky. I moved with my family to Texas in July 2013 for a relocation from my company. I have been married for 22 years to my wife Caren Green. We have two children, Kathryn 19 and Coleman 14. To give you a little background about myself, I am currently employed at Hewlett Packard (HP). I have been with HP since 2007. I started out in sales while living in Colorado Springs, CO. We relocated to New Mexico and lived there for 3 years. I am currently a Product Manager at HP. I was in the US Army for 4 years, to include a year during Desert Storm. Prior to working for HP, I worked for a Finance Company as Quality Assurance Officer. We moved to Prestonwood Forest last year in June. We drove through the neighborhood during Christmas and fell in love with the community. It is nice to live in a neighborhood that takes pride where they live. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit a brief bio that you may be able to get to know a little about me. I look forward to getting to know you and serving our wonderful community.

I am a 63 year-old wife, mother and grandmother. I have been married to Jim 43 years; we have 3 grown children and 12 grandchildren. I was a R.N. for 27 years, but no longer work in nursing. Before moving here I owned and operated an upholstery business and my husband owns and operates a small business (I helped him begin). I have done Practicum work in counseling (psycho-therapy) for the years January 2014 to the present in a local church counseling center. I will continue in counseling with a M.A. BC (Master's in Biblical Counseling) from Dallas Theological Seminary. I will also continue as a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor Intern. My husband, Jim and I have lived in Prestonwood Forest for 11 years. I love my neighbors and want to see the neighborhood continue to be a safe and beautiful place to live.

Submitted by: Tom Downey, Nominating Committee
Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association