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NOTICE: Cancellation of Recycling Services Effective May 30, 2020 Print E-mail
The Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association Board of Directors annually review costs and services to ensure the community and its members are receiving the most beneficial use of the annual assessments. And over the past two years as the market for recyclables continues to decrease and costs to process and pick up are on the rise according to broad research, the Board has had to make the tough decision to utilize the nearly $24,000.00 annual cost for this added service toward other fiscal responsibilities that will provide more long term benefit to entire community.
The ever-increasing age of community facilities creating increased costs and the need to replenish reserve funds are just two examples of why discretionary spending must be limited. Additional factors in the decision making process also include that after monitoring usage over the past several months, less than roughly 30% of the entire community on average actually recycles on a regular basis and that the Association has been recently advised of impending service cost increases for trash and recycling that would exceed budget availability. We realize that it is very important to a great number of our residents that the Association provide a convenient means for everyone to be environmentally responsible, but the Board also feels that most will understand the need to re-evaluate this spending when the added costs for such become more of a burden that will take away from other important required needs and services.
Therefore, effective Saturday, May 30, 2020 (last recycling day of the month), curbside recycling will be cancelled, and all recycling bins will be picked up by WCA Waste. Please make sure to place your 65 gallon blue cart with the yellow lid at the curb on May 30, whether or not you have any recycling material, so that it can be retrieved. There may be a possibility that WCA may not be able to pick up all cans on the same day but have assured us they will be back in the community on the following Saturday (06.06.20) to continue collection, therefore if your can is not picked up on May 30, please put it back out on June 6.
There are many drop off locations for residents to continue their recycling efforts in the surrounding area and the Board will certainly consider the possibility of resuming this service in the future should the global and national markets change and provide for more affordable options. We hope that you will continue to support your Board and the decisions that must be made, whether or not you personally agree and consider what makes sense for the greater whole. Please feel free to contact management should you have any additional questions.
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