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It's summertime and we know everyone is itching to get outside, go to the pools and parks and just feel normal again! And we understand that with the school year ending, the kids are eager to utilize the community swimming pools so we wanted to send an update on our current situation....
Our highest priority is getting our facilities opened as quickly and safely as possible and we know everyone has seen the Federal and Local updates advising that pools can now be opened. However, we want to reiterate that there are still many safety restrictions in place that are also governed by the Harris County Health Department and the Texas Department of Health and Safety for opening private swimming pools that are not always detailed in media reports. And because of these guidelines and restrictions, as well as the delayed ability to train and staff lifeguards, we will be unable to open the pool until possibly late June or early July, if at all. Following are just a few of the issues we face preventing immediate facilities opening:
  • Capacity limitations of 25% and social gathering restrictions that would require very limited use of the pools and additional staffing in order to maintain a safe environment.
  • “High touch area” disinfecting and sanitizing guidelines requiring cleaning door handles, pool furniture, bathrooms, etc. after every use.
  • Splash pads, slides, water features, etc. are to remain closed by current State and local orders.
  • Pool management companies are struggling to fully train and staff facilities due to previous and current Stay Home-Work Safe orders and estimate several more weeks in order to service all of the new requirements.
  • Pools of a certain size and class are required to have bathrooms and showers available, which then requires additional sanitizing and multiple daily disinfecting. **Bathrooms attached to clubhouses/rec centers cannot be opened due to social gathering and rental restrictions.**
These and many more restrictions and guidelines create more of a burden from both a safety and financial aspect and we would rather our lifeguards monitor the swimmers in the pool instead of becoming gate attendants and cleaning crews. However, we are in the process of installing the required safety signage and have ordered touch less hand sanitizing stations for the pools, in addition to meeting as many of the safety guidelines as we are able to at this time and we are hopeful that capacity/social gathering limits will be increased over the next week or two, allowing us to be one step closer to opening the facilities for resident use. If we can open the facilities sooner, we will. But unfortunately they will not be opened for Memorial Day weekend or the week following.
The safety and well being of the residents is our main priority during this unprecedented event, therefore we must ask for your continued patience as we evaluate all options and abilities available to us when making decisions in the best interest of the community as a whole. Additional updates will be provided as soon as they are available.
Thank you,
Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association - Board of Directors
High Sierra Management
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