2020 Nite of Lites Award Winners Print
Congratulations to the 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Awards winners! Your creativity and enthusiasm are certain to be appreciated by all neighborhood visitors.
The independent judges for the 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee were impressed by so many creatively decorated homes and coordinated efforts on blocks and cul-de-sacs that it was important to recognize both this year’s winners for each category and include honorable mentions for a few of the many other remarkable homes.
The 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee announced the Winners for this year’s awards:
Nite of Lites Winners
Best Block: 8100 Wycomb
Runner-up Block: 8100 Schaffer
Best Cul-de-sac: 8200 Fernbrook
Best House: 8226 Brinkworth
Best All Around: 8127 Brinkworth
Best Mailbox: 14107 Ravenhurst
Best Lamp Post: 8118 Brinkworth
Best Door: 8219 Brinkworth
Most Creative: 8103 Bideford

Many other wonderfully-decorated homes and blocks were also recognized, by our guest judges, for their outstanding decorations - and deserve Honorable Mention. The list includes those for: Best Block: 8100 Dorrcrest, 8200 Fernbrook, 7400 Bairnsdale; Best Mailbox: 14407 Ravenhurst, 8208 Schaffer, 8110 Dorrcrest, 8207 Thetford; Best Door: 8114 Brinkworth, 8118 Wimbledon, 8114 Coolshire; Best House/All Around: 8126 Devonwood, 8110 Wimbledon, 13911 Charlynn Oaks, 8214 Coolshire, 7718 Roebourne, 8107 Wimbledon, 8131 Coolshire, 7510 Fernbrook, 13406 Prestonwood Forest Drive, 8123 Brinkworth, 8202 Fernbrook, 8127 Renmark, 8126 Dorrcrest, and 8130 Dorrcrest.

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