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2020 'Nite of Lites' Photos Print E-mail
Nite of Lites Photos
The 2020 'Nite of Nites' resumes Prestonwood Forest's holiday tradition with a massive display of electric power and light bringing comfort and joy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Prestonwood and all our neighbors on Earth! Thank You to photo contributors Vicki Jackson, Jasmine Millican-Drake, Niki Henson, Dina Hernandez, Patsy Hickman, Sandy Roane, and Debbie Sheffler! Click here for the complete list of 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Award Winners.
2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Award Winners Print E-mail
Congratulations to the 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Awards winners! Your creativity and enthusiasm are certain to be appreciated by all neighborhood visitors.
The independent judges for the 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee were impressed by so many creatively decorated homes and coordinated efforts on blocks and cul-de-sacs that it was important to recognize both this year’s winners for each category and include honorable mentions for a few of the many other remarkable homes.
The 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee announced the Winners for this year’s awards:
Nite of Lites Winners
Best Block:                            8100 Wycomb
Runner-up Block:                 8100 Schaffer
Best Cul-de-sac:                   8200 Fernbrook
Best House:                          8226 Brinkworth
Best All Around:                   8127 Brinkworth
Best Mailbox:                        14107 Ravenhurst
Best Lamp Post:                   8118 Brinkworth
Best Door:                             8219 Brinkworth
Most Creative:                       8103 Bideford

Many other wonderfully-decorated homes and blocks were also recognized, by our guest judges, for their outstanding decorations - and deserve Honorable Mention. The list includes those for:  Best Block: 8100 Dorrcrest, 8200 Fernbrook, 7400 Bairnsdale; Best Mailbox: 14407 Ravenhurst, 8208 Schaffer, 8110 Dorrcrest, 8207 Thetford; Best Door: 8114 Brinkworth, 8118 Wimbledon, 8114 Coolshire; Best House/All Around: 8126 Devonwood, 8110 Wimbledon, 13911 Charlynn Oaks, 8214 Coolshire, 7718 Roebourne, 8107 Wimbledon, 8131 Coolshire, 7510 Fernbrook, 13406 Prestonwood Forest Drive, 8123 Brinkworth, 8202 Fernbrook, 8127 Renmark, 8126 Dorrcrest, and 8130 Dorrcrest.

2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Announcement Print E-mail
Nite of Lites at Prestonwood Forest!

Prestonwood Forest lights up with its 43rd annual ‘Nite of Lites’ Event from December 12 through December 27! Prestonwood’s 785 homes participate in friendly, holiday-spirited competition for a variety of individual and block recognition categories which are awarded by a committee of guest judges. Please click for the 2020 ‘Nite of Lites’ Visitor’s Map.
Nite of Lites at Prestonwood Forest!
Important Dates:
December 12: The Nite of Lites Committee’s panel of independent judges tours the neighborhood and determines 2020’s “Best of” awards!
December 27: Last official night for ‘Nite of Lites’ 2020
The schedule for ‘Lights On’ is at dusk or by 6 pm. And to reduce late night traffic, the consistent ‘Lights Off’ schedule is encouraged: 11 p.m. Friday-Sunday - and 10 p.m. on weekdays
Please visit this website often for ‘2020 Nite of Lites’ event updates!
2020 Nite of Lites Map Print E-mail

Nite of Lites at Prestonwood Forest!
2020 Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Print E-mail
Family Events
2019 'Nite of Lites' Photos Print E-mail
Nite of Lites Photos
The 2019 'Nite of Nites' dazzled visitors and residents alike once again! Prestonwood Forest wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here are photos of some of this year's winners - Thank You for your efforts, they are truly appreciated! There were two new categories added in 2019: Judge's Choice and Most Creative.
2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Award Winners Print E-mail
Congratulations to these 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Awards winners!! Their hard work and efforts are evident and certainly were appreciated by all neighborhood visitors.
The 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee announced the following award locations:Nite of Lites Winners
Best Block:                     7400 Bairnsdale
Runner-up Block:          8200 Bairnsdale
Best Cul-de-sac:            8100 Schafer
Best House:                   8119 Dorrcrest
Best All Around:            8202 Fernbrook
Judge's Choice:            7718 Roebourne
Most Creative:               8226 Thetford
Best Mailbox:                 8226 Brinkworth
Best Door:                      14107 Ravenhurst
Best Lamp Post:            8110 Devonwood
People’s Choice:            8130 Dorrcrest

In total, forty-four DIFFERENT, wonderfully-decorated homes were nominated, in the online voting, for the 2019 ‘People’s Choice Award’. The top 8 homes most frequently nominated included: 8126 Devonwood, 7622 Roebourne, 8123 Bairnsdale, 8126 Dorrcrest, 13911 Charlynn Oaks, 8202 Fernbrook, and 7530 Fernbrook.

Please share your favorite ‘Nite of Lites’ photos, so we can make the 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Photo Gallery!

'People's Choice' Voting is over - Results soon! Print E-mail
Click or tap to place your vote
Nite of Lites Is Here! - Map 2019 Print E-mail

Nite of Lites at Prestonwood Forest!

The Nite of Lites festivities are the crown jewel of annual Prestonwood Forest events! Prestonwood Forest has been recognized for over 40 years in the Greater Houston area - and nationally - for welcoming thousands of visitors to share our community’s holiday spirit of well-decorated homes.

Homeowners participate in friendly competition for a variety of individual and block recognition categories which are awarded by a committee of guest judges. Additionally, our residents and wandering guests contribute to the fun by registering votes for their favorite home – online – for recognition in the special ‘People’sChoice’ award category!

The Nite of Lites event typically begins on the second weekend in December and runs through the last weekend in December.

2019 Fall Festival Photos Print E-mail
2019 Fall Festival We all really enjoyed the 2019 Fall Festival on Saturday, October 5th. The temperature was a cool, crisp 95 degrees and there were falling leaves and lots of smiles everywhere.

Here are some photos of the Prestonwood residents, neighborhood Constables and friends appreciating the activities, food and music!

When you see them, please thank our talented resident photographers Lupita and Noe Pena.

Scheduling pool hours for weekends in September is always a tentative schedule based on whether or not there is enough resident usage of the pools to warrant the exorbitant costs involved to keep them open. The Board has reviewed the usage over the past few weeks and made a fiscal decision to close the pools for the remainder of the season as of today in an effort to cut excess waste of funds.
But please mark your calendars that pool 1 will be open one last time (weather permitting) on October 5 from 11-7 pm for the Fall Festival!
2019 Fall Festival Print E-mail
Prestonwood Forest Fall Festival
2019 July 4th Photos! Print E-mail
Independence Day Photos
Happy Fourth of July 2019 Slideshow! We heartily celebrated Independence Day and truly appreciate our freedom now more than ever! See some of the fun and festivity in our slideshow - and many thanks to photographer Caren Green for capturing these great moments!
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