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What’s up with the pink paint markers on my street?

From: Brendan Cook, Senior Project Manager Precinct 3, October 11, 2022

The pink paint marks are from our road and bridge maintenance team identifying areas for repair. You should see our contractor, GLM, in the neighborhood in the next 2-3 weeks. We have around a dozen or so of the worst areas marked and will repair them this year, including a few sink holes from storm sewer failures. I identified other three dozen or so locations that are on the list for future repairs. We’ll tackle another dozen or so locations every 6-8 months after this initial ‘worst-first’ batch.

We don’t have the granular budget details that outline specific areas for concrete repair or post the budget on the website, but we do have a large portion of our engineering budget earmarked for concrete repairs across the Precinct.

In addition to the concrete repairs we are also working on the following items in the area:

1. Multi-Way Warrant Study (MWWS) at the intersection of Schroeder Rd and Coolshire to determine if the intersection warrants conversion to an all-way stop controlled intersection.

2. Design and Reconstruction of the traffic signal at Cypresswood and Cutten/Schroeder. The existing span-wire signal will be replaced with mast-arms and the appropriate pedestrian ramps and cross-walks. Protected cross-walks and pedestrian ramps at this intersection will be the foundation to future sidewalk and/or trail systems along Cypresswood or Cutten.

Finishing the drainage project along Hargrave Rd/BNSF railroad.



Loving tribute to Gary and Charlene Craig

By Cindi Ems, October 11, 2022

Prestonwood Forest has lost two long standing 50 plus year residents and Heroes to our neighborhood. Charlene Craig passed away May 2022 and Prestonwood Forest Utility Director - President Gary Craig passed away Oct 6, 2022. To know this couple, who were married almost 63 years, was to know their strength in this neighborhood and endless contributions. At different times, both were active with the HOA, the Swim and Tennis Club and Gary with the Prestonwood Forest Utility Board for over 44 years. Charlene knew the developer of PWF and worked with them to add the back pool and amenities of the neighborhood.

The Utility water treatment plant located on Cypresswood next to Kickerillo-Mischer Park, immediately outside of Prestonwood Forest Drive was dedicated earlier this year to Gary Craig honoring his over 44 years as Utility Board President. Gary was instrumental in making sure our water was safe to drink and our water costs being some of the lowest in the State of Texas partly due to Gary’s hard work and thoughtful detail while on the board.

Gary and Charlene raised two sons in this great community and fought hard to keep this community safe and a great place to raise a family.

Both loved to travel the world and were passionately active in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo participating in many different committees over many decades.

Charlene had a voracious appetite for reading and you could always find her with a book. She recently donated over 75 books to the new library depository located at the Prestonwood Clubhouse near the tennis courts. This blue library will be dedicated to Charlene and Gary Craig for their countless hours of community commitment in making this neighborhood a better place to live. Gary recently took up raising Monarch butterflies after learning they were placed on the endangered species list.

Gary and Charlene were patient, caring and friends to so many and were not afraid to think outside of the box for creative change.To say this tremendously loved couple will be missed is an understatement. May the Both Rest Easy.