Special Notice: Additional Storm Debris Removal

From the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association

Many of our residents in the northernmost sections of the community were impacted with rising water in their homes and there are already piles of flood damaged materials accumulating along these streets. Because of this, the Association has planned for additional storm debris removal and has filed for disaster relief funding available through FEMA to cover any additional costs that may arise for such for the community.
The tentative start-date, provided by the vendor, to begin storm debris removal was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. However, the vendor assured us that they will begin working on the initial cleanup in Prestonwood, this weekend (9/9) and the Association will continue to follow up and provide information on the status.
Since there will be two (2) waste collection vendors in the neighborhood, residents will see Republic collecting the standard household waste on scheduled days, as well as additional crews removing the storm debris. Please do not be concerned if storm debris is partially collected, as it may take these crews several days/weeks to get everything picked up completely. We ask for everyone’s patience through this process.
For those who were impacted with property damage from the storm/flooding, please observe the following, regarding debris and trash placement, to help us expedite removal of both:

Placement of storm debris for the special collection is important. All debris must be curbside, not blocking the roadway, and within 10 feet from the curb – and away from obstructions such as trees, poles, mailboxes and hydrants. Please reference this diagram from Harris County to illustrate debris separation and placement.

o Contractors must follow special protocols for depositing storm debris (ie: sheetrock, carpet/flooring, furniture, appliances, construction materials) into specific landfills.

Placement of household trash for Republic’s scheduled waste collections must be away from storm debris and other obstacles to help expedite this collection. Please remember the Wednesday collection is the “automated cart waste collection” only. For guidelines on items the items included/not in Republic’s waste collection contract, please click here .

If over the next two weeks you still have storm debris left at your curb, please contact High Sierra Management and we will follow up with the trash contractor to determine what additional steps are needed to further assist you.

To Contact High Sierra Management: