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2014 Nite of Lites Volunteers Needed Print E-mail
Contact us here

Prestonwood Forest residents’ volunteer assistance is needed with multiple activities in support of Prestonwood’s traditional Nite of Lites© event! Please click on the Contact Us link and contact the Community Events Coordinator for additional information. The 2014 Nite of Lites© begins December 13 and runs through December 28.

2014 July 4th Parade Print E-mail
Mark your calendars for 10:00 a.m. Friday, July 4th. That's when more neighborhood fun begins!

The Parade Committee will begin lining up at 9:40 a.m. at the corner of Ravenhurst Lane and Prestonwood Forest Drive - so bring your bicycles, tricycles, strollers, motorized vehicles, and anything else you can decorate in the red, white and blue, to participate in this neighborhood tradition!

All entries are welcomed and encouraged, and Parade Committee judging will take place in the Hancock Elementary parking lot immediately following the parade!

Be sure to bring your pool tags to the parade, because the Clubhouse pool will open early at 10:00 am. Pool games are planned for the neighborhood children and DJ music is scheduled to add to the pool festivities.

James Coney Island will return this year, courtesy of your Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association and Prestonwood Forest Utility District. Please stop by the Tennis Deck between 10:30 and 12:30 for your favorite chili, cheese (or however you like it) hot dog, chips and a soda!

Happy Independence Day!
2014 Easter Egg Hunt Print E-mail
2013 Nite of Lites Winners (and more) Print E-mail
Nite of Lites 2013Animated Lites 2013 Another magnificent display of Holiday Spirit by Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lights! Thank You all and Congratulations to the Best in Class winners! Click here for some photos of this years fabulous designs. And you can click here to see a YouTube video of the special animated lights house on Roebourne which we all enjoyed so much this year.

2013 Nite of Lites Sponsors Print E-mail

2013 Nite of Lites Results Letter: Print E-mail
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS OF THE 2012 NITE OF LITES CELEBRATION! Your hard work and efforts were very evident and are appreciated by all the visitors to our wonderful neighborhood during the holiday season.

This year’s winners are:


Best Block - 8100 Renmark (Carousel Street)

Runner-up Block - 8100 Wycomb

Best Cul de Sac - 8200 Fernbrook

Best All Round - 13911 Charlynn Oaks

Best House - 14510 Ravenhurst

Best Door - 7626 Roebourne

Best Mailbox - 8119 Roebourne

Best Lamp Post - 8115 Schaffer


Top contenders in each category were:

Best Block

8100 Bideford 8100 Schaffer

8100 Wycomb 8200 Middlebury

Best All Round

8106 Devonwood 8215 Bairnsdale 8230 Fernbrook

8223 Thetford 8226 Thetford 8202 Fernbrook
8106 Schaffer 8218 Fernbrook 14510 Ravenhurst

Best House

8110 Wimbledon 8219 Fernbrook 8214 Renmark

14003 Cleobrook 7402 Renmark 8221 Birchglen

8215 Middlebury 8227 Glencliffe 8214 Birchglen

8223 Glencliffe 8230 Middlebury 8203 Dorrcrest

8110 Renmark 8106 Schaffer 8215 Bairnsdale

8111 Renmark 8107 Devonwood 8123 Devonwood

8106 Devonwood


Best Mailbox

8106 Schaffer 8103 Bideford 8214 Birchglen

8106 Dorrcrest 8219 Fernbrook 8126 Wycomb

7626 Roebourne 8204 Thetford 8214 Middlebury

14031 Cleobrook 7718 Bideford 7703 Bideford


Best Door

8222 Schaffer 8202 Thetford 8127 Bairnsdale

8206 Schaffer 8215 Bairnsdale 8123 Devonwood

8215 Birchglen 8122 Fernbrook 7607 Roebourne

7510 Bairnsdale 8130 Bairnsdale 8123 Renmark

8127 Brinkworth 8111 Roebourne 7703 Bideford


Best Lamp Post

8223 Coolshire 8110 Wimbledon 8223 Thetford

8118 Dorrcrest 8207 Coolshire 8118 Brinkworth

8115 Schaffer 8202 Thetford 8218 Birchglen

8215 Thetford 8219 Coolshire 8202 Fernbrook

Best Cul-de-Sac

8100 Roebourne 8100 Wycomb 8100 Bairnsdale

8200 Middlebury


There were so many wonderful displays this year that the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners.

Honorary Mention to:          8111 Brinkworth – for your live Santa

                                              8227 Birchglen – for your awesome tree wrapping

                                              8126 Devonwood – for your gigantic deer

The Nite of Lites event would not be possible without judges. This year, we had a wonderful group of volunteers that spent their Saturday evening judging our contest. A HUGE “thank you” to:


Deborah Sulak, Boulevard Realty                                   Diana Lizmi, Esq.

Loryn Giacona, Cy-Ranch High School                          William Carlson, Esq.

            Kurt and Kerry Zech                                                          Andrea Stewart

Ken Reading, 2012 Best House Winner                        Kathleen Allen

Kevin Farell, FMC Technologies                                     Christine Farell


            Dandi Daniels, Peel Palace


We couldn’t have done it without you!


The Committee also needs to thank the residents of 8100 Fernbrook (2012 Best Block winners) for hosting the judges’ dinner.  The food and your hospitality was second to none!

This year’s Nite of Lites winners received some awesome and generous awards.  “Thank you very much!” to all of our 2013 Nite of Lites Sponsors.  To properly recognize and thank these sponsors, their representative and donation have been listed in a separate area.  Please stop by these establishments to say hello to the owner and/or manager and mention that their generosity to our event is truly appreciated.

Thank you again to all the participants in this year’s Nite of Lites celebration and congratulations to the 2013 winners.  We wish you all a safe and wondrous holiday season!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Nite of Lites Committee

Russell and Tina May

2013 Nite of Lites Awards Print E-mail
Congratulations to the 2013 awards winners!

  Best Block - 8100 Renmark Lane    
  Best Cul de Sac – 8200 Fernbrook Lane    
  Best All Around – 13911 Charlynn Oaks Drive    
  Best House – 14510 Ravenhurst Lane    
  Best Front Door – 7626 Roebourne Lane    
  Best Mailbox – 8119 Roebourne Lane    
  Best Lamp Post – 8115 Schaffer Lane    
  Best Runner-up Block – 8100 Wycomb Drive    

Please click here to read the full article from the ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee
on 2013 awards and top contenders!
Nite of Lites Map 2013 Print E-mail

Prestonwood Forest Street Map for Nite of Lites 2013
Nite of Lites 2013 Print E-mail
Night of Lights is here!

restonwood Forest’s annual tradition, of welcoming hundreds of visitors to share in our community’s Christmas spirit and Holiday decorations, is well-known to several generations of Houston-area residents. Our neighbors take pride in contributing to the holiday spirit by decorating their homes and participating in various ‘’Nite of Lights’ awards categories
When visiting Prestonwood Forest, be sure to look for homes and streets recognized as ‘Best’ and ‘Runner-Up’ in categories such as “Best House, Best Lamp Post, Best Mailbox, Best Block, Best Cul-de-Sac and Best Front Door‘! Please refer to the Visitor’s Map for additional tour starting points and remember to always ‘drive friendly’. Remain aware of others whether they are driving, cycling or walking.

2013 Holiday Lights Dates and Times:
December 7 through December 29
Dusk until 10 pm on Weekdays (11 pm on Weekends)

Night of Lights Reminders and Tips
Hurricane Preparedness Print E-mail

Hurricane Season is June 1 through November 30 and we want to remind all of you of some tips to help keep you and your family safe and prepared. These include:

ü Create a disaster plan

ü Create a disaster kit for supplies

ü Create an evacuation plan

ü Make sure your property insurance and flood insurance are up to date

The City of Houston, Harris County and many other local government agencies provide valuable resources and emergency notifications to help keep residents informed. Resources include:

· Greater Harris County Emergency Network            www.911.org

· City of Houston ‘CitizensNet’ :                             www.houstontx.gov/citizensnet

Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Two notification systems are available, and you may sign up with BOTH through the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) website http://www.houstonoem.org.

Following is an overview of the two services; however please visit the OEM website for full information.


911 Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Types of Messages

            · Email

            · Social Media Messages

           · SMS (Text Message)

           · Automated Phone Calls                              (mobile, VoIP, landline)

When Alerts are Sent:

When emergencies wide-spread and impact the either large portions of the City or all of Houston.

When emergencies affect a specific area, such as a neighborhood. This would include hazardous materials releases, local area evacuations, and dangerous suspects.

Alerts are Intended for:

People who live, work, or study in the City of Houston.

Anyone who lives in Fort Bend or Harris Counties.

2013 Easter Egg Hunt Print E-mail
It’s time for the Annual
Prestonwood Forest Easter “Eggstravaganza”

Special Guest Appearance by The Easter Bunny. Remember to bring your cameras!!

Unique prizes awarded to the finders of the coveted 'GOLDEN TICKETS'!!

* Activities are sectioned by age group

For more information call Beth Lewis (281)787-5268


Nite of Lites thru Sunday Dec 30 Print E-mail
The official 2012 Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lites celebration continues through Sunday, December 30th.

We want to thank all Prestonwood Forest residents and the many thoughtful visitors who enjoyed the display. This year was truly amazingly wonderful and we wish you all a Happy New Year 2013!
Thank You Prestonwood Forest! Print E-mail
A recent visitor writes to express her appreciation...
I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the Nite of Lites tradition that has kept going. I am 24 years old and remember my parents taking me and my two sisters every year to look at your display; I now take my four-year-old daughter and she loves it. Not many people decorate nowadays so it is appreciated to the ones that do.

Again thank you and keep it going; we will be there every year (a few times each year) to enjoy the time, dedication and love put into the decorations and lights. May God Bless you ALL and have a Merry Christmas!

Chelsey Shelton

Visitors Guide to Nite of Lites 2012 Print E-mail

Prestonwood Forest proudly welcomes hundreds of visitors every year to share in our neighborhood’s Christmas spirit and holiday decorations. This year, our Nite of Lites event officially begins December 8th and ends on December 30th, 2012. The residents compete for prizes generously donated by our local vendors in the following categories: Best House, Best Lamp Post, Best Mailbox, Best Block, Best Cul-de-Sac and Runner-Up Block. Prestonwood Forest wants every visitor to have the best time possible but would like to remind our visitors of the following:

1. Have fun!
2. Lights are on all days during the Nite of Lites events until 10pm on weekdays and until 11pm on weekends;
3. Please respect our residents and allow them access in and out of their driveways;
5. Remember to make a bathroom stop before beginning your tour to enjoy the lights;
6. Visit both sections of our neighborhood (see PWF map);
7. Be patient and courteous to other visitors;
8. Use caution when reversing your vehicle;
9. Feel free to say “Merry Christmas” and “your house looks great” to homeowners who are outside enjoying the event;
10. Have fun!


1. Drive with your vehicle lights off;
2. Let your children hang out of your vehicle;
3. Enter our residents’ yards without permission;
4. Think bushes or trees are public bathrooms;
5. Throw trash in the streets or yards;
6. Tamper, adjust or move decorations;
7. Take a souvenir out of our residents’ yards;
8. Feed the bears (ok, maybe you don’t have to worry about this).

1. Drive through during the week, if possible. Traffic is the heaviest during the weekend.
2. If driving through during the weekend, start at the back of the subdivision off Hargrave Road. (See map).

Please remember that our residents have spent endless hours decorating and preparing their house and yard for your enjoyment. We want you to have a great time but please, be safe, respect the residents and your fellow revelers.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Nite of Lites!

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