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Independence Day Photos
Happy Fourth of July 2019 Prestonwood! We heartily celebrate Independence Day and truly appreciate our freedom now more than ever! See some of the fun and festivity in our slideshow - and many thanks to photographer Caren Green for capturing these great moments!

Yard of the Month
The Prestonwood Forest “Yard of the Month” program is dedicated to improving the quality of living and appearance of our community. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes and neighborhood. In turn, we look to celebrate those who do a superior job in maintaining their yards in such a way that they enhance the overall appeal of the entire community. Congratulations to the ‘Yard of the Month’ winner and ‘Honorable Mention’ winners!

2019 Easter Egg Hunt
The 2019 Easter Egg Hunt was held on Saturday, April 20th and once again we all had fun hiding and then finding the eggs and candies. These photos were contributed by Renee Thompson and Noe Pena. A special thank you to Beth Lewis and the Easter Bunny for making this another fun event for our neighborhood children. All are invited to share their photos of the event, simply send them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2018 Nite of Lites
The 2018 'Nite of Nites' continues Prestonwood Forest's holiday tradition with a massive display of electrical power and light! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone from Prestonwood! Here are some of this year's photos - and a warm Texas-sized Thank You to those of you who kindly shared your 'Nite of Lites' photos! Click here for the complete list of 2018 ‘Nite of Lites’ Award Winners. And click this link or tap the image to see the photo gallery.

2018 Fall Festival
The 2018 Fall Festival on Saturday, October 6th was another great family event for Prestonwood residents to get together for fun activities, food and music. Our neighborhood constables participated and we all shared a beautiful day on the clubhouse grounds. Click or tap here to see the terrific photos provided by photographer Noe Pena.

Independence Day Photos
We had a Happy and rainy Fourth of July this year, but folks were not deterred by a little ‘Houston humidity’ and came out for the Independence Day Parade, the traditional neighborhood ‘Picnic’ and the Cy-Creek Volunteer Fire Department fire-hose ‘street shower’ (to get even ‘more wet’). Special thanks to Caren Green and Renee Thompson for sharing their wonderful photos!

2018 Easter Egg Hunt
The annual Prestonwood Forest Easter Egg Hunt or ‘Eggstravaganza’ was held Saturday, March 31st and proved once again that having fun with neighbors is so very worth it! Here are some of the photos. All are invited to share their photos of the event, simply send them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2017 Nite of Lites
Our 2017 'Nite of Nites' was a wonderful success once again! We love the holidays here in Prestonwood Forest! Here is this year's photo gallery of the famous event - and a huge Thank You to the folks who kindly shared their 'Nite of Lites' photos: Dina Hernandez, Debbie Sheffler, Mary Dunn, Noe Pena, Niki Henson and Zola Marquez! Click here for the complete list of 2017 ‘Nite of Lites’ Award Winners.

2017 Fall Festival
The 2017 Fall Festival, held Saturday, October 7th, featuring food, family fun activities, and music was enjoyed by everyone. If you have any great photos like these to share we will post them here in the slideshow.

Independence Day Photos II
More photos of our great annual Fourth of July Parade and Festivities! Independence Day celebrates the Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4, 1776, when the Thirteen Colonies of America declared themselves to be states and no longer part of the British Empire. To see more contributed photos of the fun and festiveness, go to our Photo Gallery - and many thanks to photographer Caren Green for all these great photos!

Independence Day Photos
Our annual Fourth of July parade was a success once again! Independence Day provides a great opportunity to get together and appreciate our magnificent country; and Prestonwood residents really celebrate with enthusiasm! See some of the fun and festiveness here on our Photo Gallery - and many thanks to photographer Susan Radwan for all the great shots!

Kickerillo-Mischer Photos
Precinct 4's Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve's pedestrian bridge connects Prestonwood Forest to the 80-acre facility's 1.7 miles of hike and bike trails. The Preserve features picnic and recreation areas and Marshall Lake for fishing, kayaking and canoeing. The Preserve will connect with the 100 Acre Wood Preserve on the west side of Highway 249 and become part of the Cypress Creek Greenway trail system, which connects hundreds of acres of parks along Cypress Creek. Click here to view a slideshow.

2017 Easter Egg Hunt Photos
The Easter Bunny visited our neighborhood on Saturday, April 15th and kids of all ages had fun hiding and finding the goodies in this time-honored tradition celebrated by many Prestonwood residents. Click here to see photos of some of the event.
** Special thanks to photographers Renee Thompson, Noe Pena, Julie Murphy and Beth and Jax Lewis for these shared photos!

Nite of Lites 2016
Once again, as is our December tradition, Prestonwood Forest residents displayed the magical beauty of this Holiday season; 'Nite of Lites' succeeds as a superbly creative and imaginative exhibition of Christmas spirit and a true expression of our Joy and Hope. Many Thanks to all who participate and Congratulations to the impressive Award Winners. Enjoy the slideshow - a special Thank You to Vicki Jackson, Priyanka Paurana and Mark White for taking and compiling these excellent photos!

Fall Festval 2016 Prestonwood Forest’s 2nd Annual Fall Festival, on Saturday October 1, was even bigger and better! It was great to have our Precinct 4 Constables meet with Prestonwood families and bring a variety of vehicles for the enjoyment of family members of all ages. The Block Captains hosted the National Night Out booth to promote neighborhood security awareness, and the Prestonwood Flyers very festive 'portrait studio' generated many memorable family photos. Special thanks to photographers Jesse Green and Noe Pena for these shared photos of the festival!

July 4th Parade 2016
Happy Fourth of July 2016 Prestonwood! The annual Independence Day Parade is getting bigger and better each year and this year was the best yet. From the Knights of Columbus flag bearers to the vintage cars, bikers, rollers and strollers - everyone had another patriotic good time on Prestonwood Forest Drive. Thank you to all the sponsors and participants, and a special Thanks to photographers Derryl York and Jesse Green for providing these memorable photos of the events!

Fall Festival 2015 Prestonwood Forest’s 1st Annual Fall Festival, on Saturday October 3, was the perfect alignment of awesome weather, great families, enthusiastic volunteers and contributors, fun children’s activities – and plenty of food and music. Many thanks to the extensive list of Prestonwood volunteers whose generous commitment with their time and energy made this neighborhood event possible. From the weeks of planning through Event cleanup, this was truly a ‘community event’. Here is a photo slideshow of the activities - send your photo through the link above.

July 4th Parade 2015
It's a Prestonwood Fourth! The 2015 Independence Day Parade marched and rolled and strolled its way down Prestonwood Forest Drive once again to the cheers and admiration of all our neighbors and guests. We then enjoyed the cooling spray of the fire hose, the pool party and picnic afterwards. Here is a photo record of some of the patriotic well-being on display.

Easter 2015
Our annual Easter Egg Hunt was held Saturday, April 4th and was so much fun for everyone! Kids enjoyed running and looking and finding the eggs and treats that the rest of us enjoyed hiding. Then we laughed and took photos and appreciated the season together. Click here for some photos of the moments we shared.

Nite of Lites 2014
The 2014 ‘Nite of Lites’ offered a dazzling array of lights and Holiday decorations! We thank all residents for their creativity and dedication to extend Prestonwood’s holiday spirit to the many thousands of visitors. A new tradition was added this year, enabling ‘Nite of Lites’ visitors to vote for their favorite homes – and recognize the winning home with the ‘People’s Choice’ Award. A sincere ‘congratulations’ is extended to all 2014 award winners! Click Here to begin the photo slideshow from the 2014 ‘Nite of Lites’!

Independence Day Parade 2014
Happy Independence Day 2014 America! Prestonwood celebrates our country's heritage with a fun parade and pool party each year; classic cars, bicycles with inventive red, white and blue decorations and a whole lot of patriotic spirit on display. Here are some photos of this year's festivities. Click here.

Open House 2014
2014 Swim Season Open House This year’s annual ‘swim season kickoff’ event was held at Pool 1 (the Clubhouse pool). Festivities included James Coney Island hotdogs, and DJ music to encourage residents to collect this season’s pool tags at this 3rd and final opportunity before the Memorial Day weekend. Much to the delight of the children, the splash pad opened this season with a new, more comfortable surface.

Easter 2014
Thanks to all who participated in the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt! We celebrated the season on a beautiful Saturday morning, April 19th, and everyone really enjoyed the day. Click here for a slideshow of some photos of the fun.

Nite of Lites 2013
Another magnificent display of Holiday Spirit by Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lights 2013! Thank You all and Congratulations to the Best in Class winners! Click here for some photos of this years fabulous designs.

Nite of Lites 2012
Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lights for 2012 offered a big Texas Happy Holidays wish for all to see and hear. Our tradition rolls on with another beautiful, spectacular display and we congratulate the winners and everyone else for participating! Click here for a photo slideshow of some of the best decorations in 2012.

Nite of Lites 2011
Congratulations to Prestonwood's best holiday decorators! Click here for photos of the 2011 Nite of Lites winners.

Nite of Lites 2010

Prestonwood's most famous tradition brought the spirit of the holidays home for thousands of visitors again this year. Click here for photos of the winners of the 2010 Nite of Lites celebration! Congratulations!

July 4th Parade 2010
Prestonwood Forest residents celebrated Independence Day with our neighborhood parade. The holiday feeling was shared by young and old alike whether marching, riding, strolling, rolling or just watching. Click here to see some great photos provided by our good neighbor Derryl York. Thanks Derryl!

Nite of Lites 2009
Once again Prestonwood looks beautiful for the Holidays. Click here for a photo slideshow of the winners of the 2009 Nite of Lites celebration! Congratulations!

July 4th Parade
Prestonwood observed Independence Day 2009 with our traditional neighborhood parade. We marched right down the middle of Prestonwood Forest Drive and ended at the clubhouse where the fire trucks cooled the hot Summer air for everyone by making it rain. Click here to see photos of some of the fun.

Easter Egg Hunt 2009
The Easter Bunny visited our neighborhood on Saturday, April 11th and kids of all ages enjoyed hiding and finding the sweet treats in this time-honored tradition celebrated by many Prestonwood residents. Click here to see a slideshow of all the fun.

July 4th Parade
Prestonwood celebrated our nation's birthday with the annual Prestonwood Forest Independence Day Parade and an Open House at the clubhouse on Friday July 4th. Click here to see a photo slideshow of all the fun.
Photos courtesy of Kevin Maguire.

Ike 2008
Prestonwood felt the damaging winds of Hurricane Ike on Saturday, September 13th, 2008 as the giant Category 2 storm ripped through our neighborhood. Click here to see a photo slideshow of the day after.
Photos courtesy of Precinct Four Deputy Constable J. Roberts.