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Prestonwood Forest is one of the few subdivisions, in the Houston area, that offers its residents two (2) unique swimming pool facilities:
1) Pool-1 is located next to the Clubhouse at 13702 Prestonwood Forest Drive, is designed for total family enjoyment. This facility's amenities include a soft-surface splash pad for children of all ages and Vortex waterslide!
2) Pool-2 is located at 14533 Ravenhurst Lane, is designed for general recreation, personal fitness, and amateur competitive swimming. This facility features a large, elevated composite deck that is ideal for event viewing, entertaining, and poolside seating.
Both swimming pool facilities are surrounded by spacious green areas and include lounge chairs and picnic tables, for resident’s enjoyment. The adjacent Tennis-1 and Tennis-2 facilities are accessible through separate entry gates..
Pool facilities are staffed with lifeguards during swim season and professionally maintained year-round. The Pools Calendar includes pool hours and pool events. Additionally, a printable summary of the season’s Pool Hours Schedule is available in .pdf format.
The 'Recreation Access Card' is required for Pool facility admission. Please refer to the Recreation Access Card Policy for important details, and restrictions. Residents and their guests must follow the Swimming Pool Rules and lifeguard instructions, at all times.
Special Events:
The Prestonwood Flyers Swim Team is authorized to use the Pool-2 facility, at designated times, for team practice sessions and home swim meets. The Flyers practice sessions are scheduled outside of, and do not interfere with the residents’ recreational swim hours. The Pool-2 facility will be unavailable for normal resident use during the Flyers home swim-meets. However, all residents are invited to attend these home meets, cheer for the ‘home team’, volunteer at the event, and enjoy BBQ and refreshments. Every attempt will be made to re-open Pool-2, for residents’ recreational swimming, promptly after the Flyers swim meet and once the facility is returned to its operational state. Residents also have the option of using the Pool-1 facility, for recreational swimming, during its standard hours of operation.
Swimming Pool Rental:
Swimming pool rental is available, during the summer swimming season and outside the regular pool hours, only to Prestonwood Forest property owners in good standing with the Association (tenants must have obtained use of property rights from the property owner). Please refer to the Swimming Pool Rental Agreement page for very important rental details, restrictions and contact information.
Limited parking-lot space is available at Pool-2. Please remain thoughtful and considerate to fellow homeowners, when street-parking at both Pools. Do not block access to mailboxes, access by trash collection services or impede use of residents’ driveways, at any time. All motorized vehicles must remain in the streets, at all times. No motorized vehicles are allowed on Association property: Property includes, but is not limited to: turf areas, sidewalks, walkways, and decks.

Pool Area Rules