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Wow! Can you believe the 2009 Nite of Lites celebration has come and gone? Again, the evening was a big success! Thank you to all of the residents that participated this year. We were sad to see that overall participation was significantly lower than years past and we hope that either the economy or the weather is to blame. We were excited to see that some residents even stepped up their decorating!

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2009 Nite of Lites celebration! Your hard work and commitment are exemplary! Winners were:

Best Block - 8200 Middlebury

Runner-up Block - 8100 Wycomb Lane

Best All Round - 14510 Ravenhurst

Best House - 8110 Wimbledon

Best Door - 8219 Brinkworth

Best Mailbox - 14031 Cleobrook

Best Lamp Post - 13911 Charolyn Oaks

The nominees by the judges for the respective categories were:

Best Block
8100 Schaffer – Disney
8200 Glencliffe – Charlie Brown
8100 Renmark – Carousel
8100 Roebourne – Jesus

Best House
8122 Schaffer
8126 Dorrcrest
7506 Roebourne
13911 Charolyn Oaks

Best Mailbox
8236 Fernbrook

Best Door
8106 Schaffer
14427 Ravenhurst

Best Lamp Post
8127 Wycomb
8202 Glencliffe
8214 Renmark
8107 Bideford

There were so many beautiful displays this year. We know the time and effort put into all the fantastic creations, therefore, the Nite of Lites Committee would like to acknowledge the following residents for their outstanding decorating and light displays. “Honorable Mention” and kudos go to:

  8203 Wimbledon   14018 Cleobrook
  8206 Wimbledon   14019 Cleobrook
  8214 Schaffer   14043 Cleobrook
  8119 Dorrcrest Lane   14127 Cleobrook
  8201 Dorrcrest Lane   7606 Fernbrook
  8211 Dorrcrest Lane   7610 Roebourne
  8207 Middlebury   7623 Roebourne
  8214 Brinkworth   7706 Roebourne
  8218 Brinkworth   8119 Roebourne
  8222 Brinkworth   8337 Birch Glen
  8227 Brinkworth   8206 Glencliffe
  8127 Wycomb   8227 Thetford
  8134 Wycomb   7402 Renmark
  8135 Wycomb   7611 Bideford
  14207 Ravenhurst   7707 Bideford
  14323 Ravenhurst   7716 Bideford
  14510 Ravenhurst   13907 Charolyn Oaks
  14515 Ravenhurst   14118 Prestonwood Forest
  14603 Ravenhurst    

There were so many wonderful displays this year and in case we have missed listing some, we encourage you to tour the neighborhood to see the wonderful creations our neighbors have put up.

To the PWF residents of non-Christian faiths - your participation in this 30+ year tradition, defines the true meaning of “neighborly” and is duly recognized. The Nite of Lites Committee thanks you for partaking in this year’s event.

A BIG “thank you” and “Honorable Mention” go to Joe Ems and Alan Massey for lighting up the front clubhouse and grounds. Awesome job, guys! Thank you for your hard work!

Of course, the Nite of Lites event would not be possible without judges. This year, we had an outstanding group of volunteers that spent their Saturday night in our neighborhood. Judges for this year’s event were:

Lisa Brock, PWF resident
Jennie Credille, Perfect Pet Cuts
Karington Lyle, realtor, Keller Williams-Woodlands
Diane Riva, friend of resident
Deborah Sulak, realtor, Boulevard Realty
Cory Tibbets, friend of resident and USMC, Sgt.
Michelle Van Winkle, friend of PWF resident
Janet Wenckens, PWF resident and realtor, ReMax-Sterling

A special “THANK YOU” and “FANTASTIC JOB” go to the residents of 8200 Fernbrook, 2008 Best Block winners, for hosting the judge’s dinner. The food, desserts and ambiance were second to none!
This year’s Nite of Lites winners received some very nice and generous awards. We need to say “Thank you very much!” to all of our 2009 bighearted contributors. Please frequent these establishments and be sure to tell their owners/managers that their generosity is truly appreciated.

Cypresswood Cleaners: Sam Dang, dry cleaning gift certificate

High Sierra Management: Sherri Carey, Cash

Perfect Pet Cuts: Jennie Credille, full service pet grooming certificate

Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association: Board of Directors, Cash

Prestonwood Kennels Pet Resort: Guinnette Peebles, gift basket
(Have you seen their light display? Isn’t it fantastic?! Awesome job!)

Prestonwood Animal Clinic: Drs. Taylor, Morales and Cain, two $50 gift certificates

Red Robin Restaurant: Jeff Garcia, four Red Robin hamburger meal gift certificates

Wal-Mart: Ronnie Warner, $200 in gift cards

We need to send our sincerest gratitude to Karen, Beau and Erika Seals for vamping up the committee tasks while Russell’s business travel was so demanding this year. Without their help, this year’s event wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

We appreciate all of the compliments and suggestions that we have received this past week. As a result, we have decided to create a new category for the 2010 Nite of Lites celebration: Best Cul de Sac. This category will be judged by the actual decorations and light displays in the circle at the end of the street and should not be confused with the Best Block category. Best Block is judged on the quantity of residents that participate and display the street’s theme and their cul de sacs shouldn’t be included as part of the criteria to win Best Block, due to some streets not having them. By having this new category, it will be more fair to the streets that don’t have a cul de sac to win Best Block and more fair to the streets that don’t have a large participation to win Best Cul de Sac. As in years past, the street that wins Best Block will still be asked to host the judge’s dinner for the following year’s event.

Thank you again to all the participants in this year’s Nite of Lites celebration and congratulations to the 2009 winners. Keep a look out for notices in the Prestonwood Press and on www.prestonwoodonline.com from the Committee about next year’s event. We’re hoping to make it bigger and better!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, compliments or complaints, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Nite of Lites Committee
Russell May and Tina Lizmi
Beau and Karen Seals
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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