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The Nominating Committee members preparing a slate of candidates for the May 1, 2014 Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association Board election are Levy Bouligny, Mickey Merritt, and Lori Zech.
Per Article V of the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee consists of a member of the Board of Directors and at least two or more members of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee shall make as many nominations for election to the Board of Directors as it deems necessary, though not fewer than the number of vacancies that are to be filled. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

This year there are 3 open positions on the Board, three (3) year terms.
The role of a Board member is to represent and protect the best interests of their constituents, protect property values, maintain common property and enforce the governing documents. If you are a resident interested in seeking a position on the Board, have questions, or need more information, please contact a Nominating Committee member or any member of the Board.
Look for updated information and further updates in the Prestonwood Press and on the website.

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