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Constable's Office Non-Emergency Dispatch: 281-376-3472

Constable - Precinct 4
Standard law enforcement services in unincorporated areas of Harris County, such as Prestonwood Forest, are provided by the Harris County Sheriff and by the Precinct Four Constable. Those services, which can be referred to as “on-call services” do not include regular patrolling of our subdivision streets. Additional patrol services are obtained from the County Sheriff, the Precinct Four Constable, or a private security company on a contractual basis. For the past several years, the Board of Directors has entered into annual agreements for additional law enforcement services with the Precinct Four Constable. In this contract, the Constable provides one deputy constable who will devote seventy percent of his or her normal working hours to patrolling our streets and providing other law enforcement services. The Prestonwood Board of Directors supplements this annual agreement by adding additional security coverage during seasonal Prestonwood Forest events. Off-duty deputy constables are hired for these events, which include: Prestonwood Flyers swim meets, Halloween, during the Christmas season, and the Independence Day parade.

At the present time, Deputy Brent Cook is the contract deputy assigned to Prestonwood Forest. As part of his duties, Deputy Cook appears at each of the regular Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association meetings to report on any recent incidents occurring within the subdivision. These incident reports are posted on our web site and are printed in the Prestonwood Press each month.

When a Homeowner needs to contact law enforcement officials, there are two choices: contact Emergency Dispatch at 911, or contact the Constable’s Dispatch at 281-376-3472. When the need is dire - a “life and limb emergency” - Dial 911 for assistance. When the need is less immediate, such as reporting a suspicious person or vehicle, reporting damage to a home or vehicle, or requesting a visit by a deputy to arrange a “Home Watch “ while out of town, contact the Constable’s Dispatch number. When in doubt, call 281-376-3472 for any security related issue.....a good rule of thumb is, “It is better to call than not to call.”

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