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As many of you may already be aware, The Association quickly mobilized private debris removal assistance shortly after floodwaters begin to recede in an effort to assist our residents who were directly impacted by the hurricane and flooding to prevent any increased sanitation and safety hazards that could have been created by all of the contaminated materials. Another important factor in the decision made by the Association to quickly step in was the fact that Harris County could not provide any kind of timeframe as to when they would be able to provide crews for storm debris removal, which ended up being almost six weeks after the disaster.
At this time we want to make everyone aware that the additional storm debris removal assistance provided by the Association concluded as of October 15 and residents who are still in the process of rehab on their homes must either utilize the Harris County Pct. 4 Debris Removal Hotline (713-274-3880) for assistance with pick up of storm debris or construction related materials that do not meet Republic Service’s guidelines for weekly heavy trash collection on Saturday.
Please note that the Harris County debris removal assistance will only be available through November 5, therefore we must stress the importance of residents utilizing these services as soon as possible and deter leaving miscellaneous debris items and/or piles of trash in public view. A good rule of thumb is if any trash or debris sitting at your curb has not been picked up with Saturday’s heavy trash collection, then it is going to be your responsibility to have it hauled away or to contact the County for further assistance. Please reference this very important diagram illustrating Harris County's requirements for debris separation and placement:
It is now time for all of us to help our community get back to normal through this recovery process and the first step is bringing back our curb appeal. Therefore, the Association will begin to escalate enforcement of miscellaneous items and debris in front yards and on driveways in public view so please take steps as soon as possible to take care of these issues. If you have extenuating circumstances, or questions, please feel free to contact High Sierra Management to discuss your needs. We thank you all in advance for your continued patience and cooperation throughout the recovery of our neighborhood as a whole.
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