2019 Nite of Lites Award Winners Print
Congratulations to these 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Awards winners!! Their hard work and efforts are evident and certainly were appreciated by all neighborhood visitors.
The 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Committee announced the following award locations:Nite of Lites Winners
Best Block: 7400 Bairnsdale
Runner-up Block: 8200 Bairnsdale
Best Cul-de-sac: 8100 Schafer
Best House: 8119 Dorrcrest
Best All Around: 8202 Fernbrook
Judge's Choice: 7718 Roebourne
Most Creative: 8226 Thetford
Best Mailbox: 8226 Brinkworth
Best Door: 14107 Ravenhurst
Best Lamp Post: 8110 Devonwood
People’s Choice: 8130 Dorrcrest

In total, forty-four DIFFERENT, wonderfully-decorated homes were nominated, in the online voting, for the 2019 ‘People’s Choice Award’. The top 8 homes most frequently nominated included: 8126 Devonwood, 7622 Roebourne, 8123 Bairnsdale, 8126 Dorrcrest, 13911 Charlynn Oaks, 8202 Fernbrook, and 7530 Fernbrook.

Please share your favorite ‘Nite of Lites’ photos, so we can make the 2019 ‘Nite of Lites’ Photo Gallery!

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