WCA Covid-19 Information for Houston Metro Area High Sierra Management is making every effort to keep all our residents informed during this unprecedented global event, and part of this effort includes additional information pertaining to the email from your trash contractor yesterday (see below for full notice from WCA). We realize that the email from WCA was confusing to some so here are a few helpful tips during this stressful time.

WCA is currently changing their collection policies to ensure proper and timely collection, as well as ensuring the safety of all of their employees. Their new protocol requires that residents will need to separate their compostable waste from their bulk waste.

Bulk waste is considered as cans, milk cartons, boxes and any other paper or manufactured items. Compostable items are described as solid waste which contains organic matter capable of being decomposed by microorganisms and of such a character and proportion as to be capable of attracting or providing food for vectors including birds and mammals, basically house hold food and other types of biodegradable waste.

However, they have currently suspended recycling services until further notice. Suspended services due to this event will not be made up or pushed to another service day such as recycling. Here is a summary:
  • If your community currently has recycling service, at this time it is suspended. We do not have a timeline of when this will resume. Please do not put the bin or cart out during this time and please do not place household trash in the recycle bin.

  • On your bulk or heavy trash service days, the limit is two item two items (bag or item). This is for bulk or heavy trash only; this will affect the household waste that is placed in a cart or can.

  • For trash that you are placing in the cart, it is a matter of prioritizing your trash, since people are home and probably cooking more, you want to be sure that trash that contains food is a priority over yard clippings (for example).
Please take care and be safe throughout the remainder of this trying time. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

Thank you all in advance for your continued understanding and patience,
High Sierra Management

*As a reminder, our office is part of the Stay Home Work Safe order and is closed at this time, but your team is working remotely so please make sure to leave all of your information when contacting our office to leave a message and a team member will contact you as soon as possible*

WCA Covid-19 Information for Houston Metro AreaOFFICIAL NOTICE FROM WCA WASTE: March 31, 2020

At WCA, our highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of our customers and staff during an evolving situation. Last night, we learned that one of our drivers has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. As a precaution, the helpers and other drivers who have been in close contact with this driver have been quarantined.

How Will This Affect Your Service?
WCA provides an essential service for the Houston Metroplex and our mission is to provide the best service possible to our communities. For now, our priority will shift to collect the putrescible waste first. This is the material that begins to breakdown and decompose first in the Houston heat.

This means that residents need to separate their putrescible waste from their bulk waste to ensure proper and timely collection. A two-bag maximum for bulk, per home, will be picked on your scheduled service day. WCA/VF Waste Services will not be collecting carpet or construction materials as regular collection related to this event.

Recycle Services:
Effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – Until Further Notice
We are suspending recycle service for the greater Houston area.
Please note, suspended services due to this event will not be made up or pushed to another service day.

WCA/VF Waste services made these decisions due to the severity of the conditions, and safety concerns to our community and the WCA family. We thank you for your partnership and for your patience and continued trust in WCA/VF Waste Services.
Please take care and be Safe throughout the remainder of this event.

WCA/VF Waste Services Municipal Department

Please Note:
If you have any questions, call or email customer service:
Phone: 281-368-8397
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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