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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th – so please take the time to prepare your household by using the following helpful tips and contacts! Stay safe everyone!

What you should do:

We are in a very active tropical period with the possibility of multiple storm threats in a short period of time. It is important to ACT NOW to prepare your family for potential tropical weather.


· Review your family’s emergency plan, including what you will do if you stay or if you evacuate.

· Your emergency plan should include a list of items that you can keep stocked in your home. Your hurricane preparedness grocery list should include a first aid kit, water, non-perishable foods and other supplies you may need if you evacuate or stay home during a storm.

· Consider the CDC recommendations for “Preparing for a Hurricane or Other Tropical Storm”

· Consider downloading this emergency supply list to help prepare yourself and your family.

  1. Begin stocking up now to avoid crowds and outages. Do NOT assume grocery stores will be fully stocked immediately after a hurricane emergency.

· Protect older adults: Understand older adult health and medical concerns.

· Protect your pets: Ensure your pet’s safety before, during, and after a hurricane.

· Review the Map of Hurricane Evacuation Routes and Evacuation Zones

· If you will be needing assistance evacuating for a storm that threatens our region – register in advance: by calling 2-1-1,or online with the ‘State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry’ (STEAR).


· Homeowners and renters should contact their insurance agent about purchasing flood insurance. Remember, flood damage is not covered by most homeowners or renters policies. Take action TODAY to ensure that your home and contents are protected by enrolling in the National Flood Insurance Program. Visit the ‘National Flood Insurance Program’ (NFIP) website for more information.


Follow trusted sites where you can learn more:

· NOAA National Hurricane Center: for Maps, Analysis, Forecasts

· NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office: for Houston/Galveston TX

· Harris County Flood Control District: Sign up for ‘Flood Warning System’(FWS) Alerts

· Harris County’s ‘Ready Harris’ website: Sign up for ‘Ready Harris’ Alerts

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