Important Information:

Only residents in good standing with the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association
will be granted access to the Pool/Tennis/Clubhouse facilities.

Residents with questions about their Account or Recreation Card functionality, or
Card Request status, may contact a Goodwin & Company representative through
this website's 'Contact Us' feature.

Always reference the 'Recreation Access Card' Policy for complete and important details.
Please remember that:

● One (1) Recreation Access Card is issued only one-time to each lot/physical address and
a new card is not re-issued each year. Each previously issued card is remotely
enabled/disabled each year based on timely payment of the annual assessment dues.

● Lost or stolen cards will be reissued for a fee of $10.00 payable to 'Prestonwood Forest
Maintenance Association' or 'PFMA'. To expedite your replacement card, please complete
the online form and mail your check to   High Sierra, P.O. Box 940267, Houston, Texas 77094.

● Each access card coding is assigned to a specific Prestonwood Forest house address and
all entry/exit at each facility is digitally recorded. Therefore, it is very important
NOT to let anyone other than your household use your Recreation Access Card and to promptly
report any lost or stolen cards to Goodwin & Company.

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(Allow 5 business days for processing and return.)

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By selecting the “Submit” prompt below, I/We understand that all members and guests of the above referenced household must abide by all facility rules posted or otherwise. I/We also understand that suspension and/or expulsion from facilities use will occur should the rules not be followed.