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Whether it is during the day or at night, it is imperative that you have your home numbers visible from the street not just for people trying to find your home, but also in case of an emergency.

When responding to an emergency call, police officers, EMS and firefighters look for house numbers when they first arrive. These numbers are their first indication of where to stop and if you have numbers not printed on your mailbox, street curb or house, or numbers that are not visible at any time day or night, it makes it hard for them to figure out where they are needed.

Here are a few things to consider: . . .

  1. Make it a point to look and see if your numbers fit the following criteria:
  3. All of the numbers are there – sometimes with older homes or with the typical wear and tear from weather, numbers can become faded or they can detach from the house and/or mailbox. Make sure you have all your numbers listed.
  5. You have large numbers visible from a distance – there are many sizes of numbers you can get at the stores these days and while some of them might look a certain way or you might not want them to overwhelm your house, it is important that the numbers are large enough to be seen from the road. Find the area on your house that is very easy to see – above the garage, next to your door, on the mailbox or all of them – stand in the road and hang the numbers. If you can’t see them, then they aren’t big enough and you will need to find bigger numbers.
  7. Make sure you have the area around the numbers cleaned up – this is more specifically for mailbox areas or if you have vegetation growing on your house that may cover up the numbers in any way. Make sure again, if you can’t see if from the road, that you make sure to clear up the area so others can see it from the road.
  9. The color of the numbers does not blend in with the house in any way, shape or form – if you have a white house, then don’t put white numbers on your house. When it comes to numbers, it isn’t as much about fashion, it’s about the ability to see the numbers in case of an emergency.

Remember, these numbers could be a lifesaver in case of an emergency so you want to make sure you have them visible, large and in the right color!