2016 Annual Meeting Announcement
2016 Homeowners Association Annual Meeting May 5th 7pm

We look forward to seeing all members of the Association at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 5, 2016! Voting for the annual election to the Board of Directors may be in person, by proxy, by absentee ballot or by electronic ballot.

If unable to attend and vote in person, homeowners have multiple, convenient options to submit absentee and proxy ballots. Homeowners may mail, fax, or scan/email the mailed absentee and proxy ballots. New for 2016 is the option for members to submit electronic absentee and proxy ballots! (Instructions and links for electronic voting are provided below.)

Absentee and proxy ballots must be received before 5 pm on Thursday, May 5.

Formal Notice of the Annual Meeting

Click here for a copy of the mailed Formal Notice of the 2016 Annual Meeting of Members of the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association (PDF format).

Electronic Ballot / Proxy Instructions

Submitting an electronic absentee or proxy ballot is easy! Initially, this is a 2-step process:

1. Request an account, to access the secure, private area on the High Sierra Management website.

2. After receiving confirmation of your account, simply log in, then complete and submit your electronic absentee proxy or ballot.

2016 Online Pool Tag Requests
Online Tag Request Form

Remember, all 2016 Pool Tags and Tennis Keys will be delivered to homeowners by mail only from requests submitted through the convenient Online Request Form. Pool tags are required at all times to enter and use the pool facilities, and pool season begins May 28 with the 3-day Memorial Day weekend!

Pool 2 will have new extended hours in 2016! Please reference the Pool Facilities Schedule or Pools Calendar for special Holiday Hours and the Standard Hours of Operation.

Prestonwood Flyers 2016 Season Registration
Hurry! 2016 Flyers Swim Team registration is open until April 17!
Guppy School and Swim Team Practice start this month!

Please visit the Flyers Swim Team website to register and for
information on practice times and dates, swim meets schedule
and team events and activities!

2016 Annual Association Assessment

Pursuant to the Association’s governing documents, property owners are hereby notified that the annual assessment for 2016 will increase to $618.00 per lot. The Association dues have not been increased in several years and many capital improvements and repairs have been performed and are still needed, thus creating the need to adequately replenish and continue funding the reserves. This small increase of $1.50 per month per home will allow us to continue maintaining the financial security of the community.

Prestonwood Forest Community Events
Prestonwood Forest Family Events

In Prestonwood Forest, family-oriented events for our residents are established traditions. Prestonwood family events span the four seasons and include the: Easter Egg Hunt, Independence Day Parade & Picnic, Fall Festival and Nite of Lites. Homeowner committees are an essential part of planning and implementing these annual events and participation is open to all of our residents.

Be sure to visit this website often for late-breaking updates and the Event’s dates and times. Residents who would like to be part of Event planning and implementation are welcome to Contact Us for more information. Everyone is invited to share Event photos for inclusion in the Photo Gallery slideshows – and to view those submitted by our friends and neighbors!

Welcome to Prestonwood Forest Online
Welcome to Prestonwood

restonwood Forest, in northwest Houston, is a quiet, family-oriented community of homeowners who take pride in our neighborhood and encourage the active participation of all residents. Prestonwood Forest Online is the official website for the Prestonwood Forest community and is maintained by the Prestonwood Forest Maintenance Association.
The mission of Prestonwood Forest Online is to ensure that residents of Prestonwood Forest are well-informed about neighborhood amenities and services and the official neighborhood events. The website also supplements the monthly Association meeting, providing an additional method of communication and allowing a greater opportunity for residents to be heard.

Thank you for visiting and check back often. Please contact the Board of Directors if you have any questions about this website or the Prestonwood Forest community.
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