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Effective April 10, 2024 Best Trash, Inc. will be Prestonwood’s waste collection service.

Please note important changes!

Collection Schedule

  • Wednesday AND Saturday – excluding Holidays*
  • Residents are advised to have the appropriate items to be collected placed curbside by 6:30 am

Holiday Schedule

You may confirm if Prestonwood’s waste collection service will be suspended for a specific holiday.

Please follow this link:

Heavy (bulky) Trash Collection Questions

Heavy (bulky) trash pickup is offered each service day. Please note that there are guidelines to be followed. If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the following link, please contact Best Trash Customer Service

What is NOT accepted for trash collections?

Best Trash will NOT accept the following items for pickup:

Dirt, mulch, sod, rocks, bricks, tile, concrete, tires, car batteries, motor oil, cooking oil, CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS, waste generated by a contractor, or any material or items deemed hazardous materials.

Please do not dispose of gasoline, motor oil, liquid paints, cooking oil, or any other liquid items in a container that are not visible to Best Trash personnel. If such items result in spillage that causes a stain, Best Trash is NOT responsible for the cleanup.

Do you pick up unlimited bags of yard debris?No, we will collect up to 5 bags, not heavier than 40 lbs., per pickup day. Please note that this can change due to current conditions. Please note that yard debris does not include mulch or dirt as they are items we do not accept.


Do you pick up large items like appliances or furniture?

Yes, we can collect large items, but please limit it to 1 or 2 items on a collection day. If the furniture contains tile or ceramic material, we will not be able to collect it.

Link to MORE answers to ‘Frequently Asked’ Heavy/Bulk trash collection questions 


General Trash Collection Questions

Can I use a trash can that has another company’s logo on it?

No, you may only use your own personal container that is between 30 and 50 gallons in size, or the assigned Best Trash container if your neighborhood is contracted to receive them.

What size trash container can I use?

Trash cans need to be between 30 and 50 gallons in size. Please do not use any trash cans that are smaller than 30 gallons as the crew will think it is out to be collected as trash.

Can I use an outdoor decorative-style waste receptacle, a kitchen-size trash can?

No, the crew will think it is for trash collection.

What do I do if my Best Trash Cart needs repair?

If your Best Trash cart needs to be repaired, please submit a contact us inquiry indicating what is damaged on the container so we can schedule a repair or have it replaced. This only applies to Best Trash-supplied containers.

Link to MORE answers to ‘Frequently Asked’ Trash Collection questions: 



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